May 15 – 20, 2022
Casino Conference Centre
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Decontamination loop – useful equipment for the practical training in decontamination

May 17, 2022, 4:30 PM
Red Hall

Red Hall


Alžběta Horynová (CTU in Prague, FNSPE, Department of Nuclear Chemistry)


Specific and unique equipment – decontamination loop - for the practical training of the students in the field of decontamination was devised and designed at the Department of Nuclear Chemistry, CTU in Prague, and it was manufactured by Wood Nuclear Slovakia s.r.o.
The decontamination loop is a modular system intended for study of various decontamination methods and procedures. For this purpose, the system consisting of a number of individual modules such as stirred reactor, modular electrolytic cell for the electrochemical decontamination, sorption and filtration columns, flow-through heaters, solution circulation pumps, flow-through cell for radioactivity measurement, dual extraction unit etc. The loop is equipped with set of flow, temperature and pH sensors and as a whole system is logged and controlled with computer. The equipment is primarily intended for the students of the new study program „Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities” but its use is much more extensive. For example, the loop will be used for tasks developed in the A-CINCH project (Augmented Cooperation in Education and Training in Nuclear and Radiochemistry) and its Hands-on Training in Decontamination and Decommissioning.

Primary authors

Alžběta Horynová (CTU in Prague, FNSPE, Department of Nuclear Chemistry) Kateřina Čubová (CTU FNSPE, katedra jaderné chemie) Mojmír Němec (CTU FNSPE)

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