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Marine organism concentration factors and sediment distribution coefficients

15 May 2018, 17:15
1h 30m
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sukwon choi


The concentrations factor of 14 heavy metals in marine organisms at the neighbouring sea of Korea were measured and investigated, respectively. The 359 seawater samples, 332 fish samples, 20 Cephalopods and 22 Crustaceans, 15 Molluscs, 38 Macroalgae were measured the concentrations of heavy metals. The concentration factors in 314, 22 sampling locations were analyzed in concentration of seawater and marine organisms, and in that of seawater and sediment, respectively.
The concentrations in seawater were Sr(7,030 µg•kg-1), Rb(106 µg•kg-1), Fe(13.6 µg•kg-1), and Cs(2.08 µg•kg-1), respectively. The concentrations of muscle of marine organism were Sr(56.1 mg•kg-1), Fe(23.0 mg•kg-1), Zn(9.12 mg•kg-1), Cs(5.64 mg•kg-1), and Mn(1.88 mg•kg-1), respectively.
The concentration factors in all of organism were highest in P, Mn, Cs, Fe and lowest in Na, Sr, Rb, Mo. The concentration factors of muscle in fishes showed strikingly high P(383,000), Mn(42,700), Cs(25,000) and Sr(3.06), respectively. Highest concentration factors of P(286,000), Cu(169,000), Mn(111,000), and Sr(10.1) were measured in Molluscs, respectively. The concentration factors of macroalgae showed P(127,000), Mn (64,800), Cs(25,500), and Sr(15.1). The results indicated that the concentration factors of 14 heavy metals in the Echinoderms, Molluscs were higher than that in the fish and cephalopods except for Mo, Ba.
The concentrations of sea sediment were Fe(32,700 mg•kg-1), Mn(705 mg•kg-1), Sr(467 mg•kg-1), and Cs(0.889 mg•kg-1), respectively. The sediment distribution coefficients showed Fe (88,600,000), Mn(8,020,000), Cs(4,560), and Sr(71.2) , respectively.
The mean concentration factors and the sediment distribution coefficients of the heavy metal were similar to the recommended value from IAEA (2004) and IAEA (2010).

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