13-18 May 2018
Casino Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

Investigations of diluent effect on europium extraction behavior with TODGA

14 May 2018, 14:00
Marble Hall (Casino Conference Centre)

Marble Hall

Casino Conference Centre

Verbal Chemistry of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiochemical Problems in Nuclear Waste Management NFC 1


Ivan Kajan (Paul Scherrer Institute)


Extraction behavior of trivalent europium from nitric acid with N,N,N’,N’-tetraoctyl-diglycolamine (TODGA) in different diluents was investigated. Systematic evaluation of diluent influence on the extraction behavior was performed. Sets of secondary alcohols, ketones and alkanes with increasing carbon chain from 5 to 10 carbons were used as diluents in solvent extraction experiments. Stoichiometry of extracted europium complexes formed in the organic phase was evaluated by slope analysis of the obtained distribution coefficients. Thermodynamic extraction data for extracted complex in chosen diluents were determined and the influence of diluent polarity on the extraction behavior was investigated. A significant increase in distribution coefficients of europium was observed when non-polar diluent was utilized in the experiments when compared to ketones and alcohols. Future work will be focused on the effect of extracted nitric acid into the organic phase on the extraction behavior.

Primary authors

Ivan Kajan (Paul Scherrer Institute) Markéta Florianová (CTU in Prague) Dorothea Schumann (Lab of Radiochemistry, Paul Scherrer Institute)

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