8-10 November 2021
Europe/Prague timezone


Dr. Michal Jex
Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czechia

Michal Jex is assistant professor at Czech Technical University in Prague. Currently he is at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL on a long term visit. He is studying quantum systems to describe the fundamental properties of matter (its stability), i.e. working on problems from operator theory, spectral theory, PDE, to quantum many-body problems. In addition he has experience with physical chemistry and quantum chemistry. He worked on the interaction of organic semiconductors with light (applicable for the design of solar cells).

Dr. Julia Belyaeva 
RUDN University, Moscow, Russia

Julia Belyaeva is assistant professor at the Mathematical Institute of RUDN University. Her research is devoted to the qualitative theory of the mixed problems for the Vlasov-Poisson system. This system is the model of kinetics of high temperature plasma. Distinctive features of her research are combination of advanced mathematical technique for investigation of nonlinear systems and compliance with the physical meaning of the problem (plasma confinement).