Nov 15 – 18, 2015
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU Prague
Europe/Prague timezone
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Participant list

NoNameNationalityUniversityContribution (o:oral/p:poster;1:Monday/2:Tuesday)
1Mr. Domenico AbateItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Modelling and control of RFX-mod tokamak equilibria
2Mr. Diogo AguiamPortugalInstituto Superior Tecnico - Universidade de Lisboap1:Implementation of a X-mode multichannel edge density profile reflectometer for the new ICRH antenna on ASDEX Upgrade
3Mr. Jorge Alberto AlcusónSpanishUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp1:Determination of the nature of radial transport in quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator config. for the confinement of fusion plasmas
4Mr. Rodrigo AntunesPortuguesUniversity of Lisbonp2:Experimental and numerical study on advanced inorganic membranes for tritium processes in the Breeding Blanket
5Mr. Daniele AprileItalianUniversity of Padovap2:Design of electric and magnetic components of a negative ion accelerator in view of application to ITER neutral beam injector
6Mr. Pietro ArenaItalianUniversity of Plaermop2:Analysis of the thermo-mechanic behaviour of fusion breeding blankets
7Mr. Hugo ArnichandFrenchAix Marseille Universityp1:Identification of trapped electron modes in frequency fluctuation spectra of fusion plasma
8Mr. Tommaso BagniItalianGhent Universityp1:Stability of fusion superconductors
9Mr. Carlo BaltadorItalianUniversity of Padovap2:Study on NIO1 and SPIDER Ion sources optics and spectroscopy
10Mr. James BealBritishUniversity of Yorko1:Erosion and Deposition in JET
11Mrs. Marwa Ben YaalaTunisianUniversity of Baselp1:Plasma facing components
12Mr. Edoardo BesozziItalianPolitecnico di Milanop1:Thermo-mechanical characterization of novel coatings designed for harsh temperature and irradiation environments
13Mr. Matthew BluteauCanadianThe University of Strathclydep1:The Improvement and Implementation of Ion-Impact Excitation in the Generalized Collisional Radiative Modelling of Fusion Plasmas
14Mr. Nicola BonanomiItalianUniversità degli Studi di Milano-Bicoccap2:Electron heat transport in fusion plasmas
15Mr. Gaetano BongiovìItalianUniversity of Palermop1:Thermo-mechanical analyses of the DEMO Water Cooled Lithium Lead (WCLL) breeding blanket concept.
16Mr. Paul BranchBritishDurham Universityo2:High Field Superconductors for Fusion Applications
17Mr. Jeppe Miki Busk OlsenDanishTechnical University of Denmarkp2:Studies of Coherent Structures in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
18Mr. Stefano CarliItalianPolitecnico di Torinop2:Modeling of heat transfer problems at the interface between different subsystems of a superconducting tokamak
19Mr. Dario CarloniItalianPisa Universityo2:Thermal Hydraulic and Safety Analyses Fusion Reactors PHTS
20Mr. Gabriel Carro SevillanoSpanishUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Production and characterization of strengthened copper alloys for cooling device in fusion reactors
21Mr. Paulo CarvalhoPortugueseInstituto Superior Tecnicoo2:Monitoring of Instrumentation for Critical Nuclear Fusion Plasma Control and Data Acquisition Systems
22Mr. Benjamin ChapmanBritishThe university of Warwickp2:Large scale numerical simulation of nonlinear kinetic physics in plasma experiments for magnetically confined fusion
23Ms. Oulfa ChellaïMorrocan, FrenchEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausannep1:Mm-wave scattering by electron density perturbation in fusion plasmas
24Mr. Alexander Simon ChristensenDenmarkTechnical University of Denmarkp2:The influence of neutral particles on blob filaments in magnetically confined plasma
25Mr. Marco ConteGermanKarlsruhe Institute of Technologyp2:Investigation and simulation of the brittle fracture behavior of tungsten and tungsten lanthanum oxide
26Mr. Luigi CordaroItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Magnetic Reconnection on fusion plasmas
27Mr. Dario Andres Cruz MalagonColombianCIEMAT - National Fusion Laboratoryp2:Dielectric properties of Fusion-relevant materials
28Mr. Aljaž ČufarSlovenianUniversity of Ljubljanap2:Evaluation of methods for power calibration in large tokamaks
29Mr. Alfonso de CastroSpanishUniversidad Complutense de Madridp1:Hydrogen and impurities retention studies on Tungsten-Lithium divertor materials by using Glow Discharge and Laser techniques
30Mr. Andrii DubinkoUkraineGhent Universityp2:Embrittlement of fusion materials initiated by neutron irradiation
31Ms. Alexandra DudkovskayaRussianPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic Universityp2:Characterization of the Internal Reconnection Event in spherical tokamak Globus-M
32Mr. Ivan ErofeevRussianTechnical University Munichp1:Advanced transport modeling in tokamak plasmas
33Mr. Ondřej FickerCzechCzech Technical University / IPP Praguep1:Runaway electron losses induced by various MHD events in the COMPASS tokamak
34Mr. Antonio FroioItalianPolitecnico di Torinop1:Multi-scale thermal-hydraulic modeling for nuclear fusion reactors
35Mr. Giulio GambettaItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Development, optimization and testing of high performance cooling systems for fusion devices
36Ms. Silvia GarittaItalianUniversity of Palermo (Università degli Studi di Palermo)p1:Thermal-hydraulic analyses of plasma facing components (Blanket modules and Divertor) of Fusion Reactors (ITER and DEMO).
37Ms. Alena GogolevaRussianErasmus Mundus Fusion-DC, Universidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Non-local Neoclassical Transport features of bulk plasma and a-particles in reactor relevant burning plasmas
38Mr. Mateusz GospodarczykItalianUniversity of Rome Tor Vergatap2:Development a dynamical model of the RE beam current and horizontal position during the RE plateau.
39Mr. Marco GottardoItalyUniversity of Padovap2:Plasma diagnostic using new FPGA tecnology
40Mr. William GraciasIndianUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Dynamics of turbulence filaments in the edge of tokamak plasmas
41Mr. Petr GrigorevRussianGhent Universityp1:Assessment of retention of plasma components in Tungsten in the presence of neutron irradiation: multi-scale modelling approach.
42Mrs. Embie HasanBulgarianSofia University St. Kliment Ohridskip1:Plasma Physics
43Mr. André HäußlerGermanKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)p2:Neutronics tools and design analysis for the stellarator power reactor HELIAS
44Mr. Walid HelouFrenchAix-Marseille Universityp1:Design and operation of antennas at the ion cyclotron and lower hybrid frequencies for nuclear fusion reactors
45Mr. Javier Hernandez NicolauSpanishUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Dynamical relation between gradient and transport in Fusion Plasmas
46Mr. Joshua HolgateBritishImperial College Londonp2:Breakup and dynamics of metal droplets in a tokamak plasma
47Mr. Jianfeng HuangChinaUniversity of Twentep2:Modeling, analysis and design of superconductor cables for fusion
48Mr. AsaD HussainBritishUniversity of Manchesterp2:Synergestic Effects of Plasma and Neutron Irradiation
49Mr. Martin ImríšekCzechCharles University / IPP Praguep1:Role of the sawtooth instability in tokamak experiments
50Ms. Federica InzoliItalianPolitecnico di Milanop1:Development of advanced carbon based film for application in neutron detectors
51Ms. Palak JainIndianUniversity of Padovap2:Studies & experimental activities to qualify behavior of RF power circuits for Negative Ion Sources of NBI for ITER
52Mr. Karol JeskoSlovakAix-Marseille Universityp2:Understanding plasma detachment through advanced diagnosis
53Mr. Aljaz KolsekSloveneNational University of Distance Educationp2:Nuclear analysis and computational development for the design of fusion installations.
54Mr. Jaroslav KrbecCzechCzech Technical University / IPP Praguep1:Comparison of beam light and electron density fluctuations using Li-BES
55Ms. Indra KrevicaLatvianUniversity of Latviap2:Irradiation induced structure and property changes in Tokamak functional materials
56Mr. Ondrej KudlacekCzechUniversity of Padovao1:Modern real-time feedback control of MHD stability in fusion devices
57Mr. Vladimir KvonRussianGhent University, Belgiump1:Alternative target concepts for power and particle exhaust in fusion application
58Mr. Bing LiuChineseUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Electromagnetic properties of edge turbulance in fusion plasma devices
59Mr. Francis Lockwood EstrinBritishUniversity of Liverpoolp2:High power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) with a view to creating niobium films
60Mr. Michael LøitenNorwegianTechnical University of Denmarkp1:Global Modelling of Turbulence and Transport in Magnetically Confined Plasma
61Mr. Jack LovellBritishDurham Universityp2:Development of novel diagnostics for the MAST-Upgrade tokamak using FPGAs
62Mr. LingFeng LuChineseUniversite de Lorrainep2:Modeling on non-linear ion cyclotron wave plasma interaction in magnetized plasma SOL
63Mr. Michele LungaroniItalianUniversity of Rome Tor Vergatap1:Industrial engineering: Energy from Nuclear Fusion
64Mr. Tautvydas MaceinaLithuaniaUniversity of Padovap2:Development of innovative methods and tools for real-time control system in fusion devices
65Mr. Julio Macías DelgadoSpanishUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Mechanical properties of ODS Steels for fusion reactors
66Mr. Alberto MaistrelloItalianUniversity of Padovap2:Characterization of the dielectric strength in vacuum of RF drivers for fusion Neutral Beam Injectors
67Mrs. Plamena MarinovaBulgarianSofia universityp2:Plasma physics
68Mr. Tomáš MarkovičSlovakCharles University / IPP Praguep2:Plasma response field to RMP on COMPASS - measurements and modelling
69Mr. Marco MartinezMexicanUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp1:Analysis of the energy distribution of escaping suprathermal ions in neutral-beam injection phase of the TJ-II stellarator
70Mr. Alistair McGannBritishThe University of Yorkp2:Measurement of Heat Flux Widths in Tokamaks
71Ms. Anna MedvedevaRussianTechnische Universität München, Université de Lorraineo1:Experimental Study of Radial Turbulence with an Ultra-fast-swept Reflectometer at ASDEX Upgrade
72Mr. Luke MenziesBritishUniversity of Manchesterp1:Modelling radiation damage within a fusion environment
73Mr. Ivan MisirukUkraineV. N. Karazin Kharkiv National Universityp1:Nitriding of titanium and steels in plasma of non-self-maintained gas discharge with hollow anode
74Ms. Klára MitošínkováCzechCharles University / IPP Praguep2:First NPA results on the COMPASS tokamak
75Mr. Lucas MoserSwitzerlandUniversity of Baselo1:Plasma cleaning of ITER First Mirrors
76Mr. Andrea MuraroItalianMilano Bicoccap2:Development of GEM detector for fast and thermal neutron
77Ms. Xieyu NAFrenchUniversity Paris-Saclayo2:Spectroscopic study of dense and hot plasma: detailed and statistical code
78Mrs. Valentina NikolaevaRussianIST, TUM (under EM Fusion DC Programme)o1:Study of the poloidal asymmetry of edge turbulence at ASDEX Upgrade tokamak with microwave reflectometry
79Ms. Vladica NikolicSerbianMontan Universität Leobenp2:Mechanical Properties of Fusion Relevant Materials
80Mr. Paavo NiskalaFinlandAalto Universityo1:Gyrokinetic investigation of turbulent flow dynamics in tokamak plasmas
81Mr. Tomáš OdstrčilCzechTechnische Universität Münchenp2:Characterization of the poloidal asymmetries of Tungsten and its impact to the radial impurity transport
82Mr. Nisarg PatelIndianUniversity of Padovap1:Thermo-mechanical analyses and design of components for fusion devices
83Mr. Hugo Peraza RodriguezCosta RicanUniversidad Carlos III de Madrido2:Equilibrium and Stability of MHD 3D configurations using the SIESTA code
84Mr. Artur PerevalovRussianPeter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic Universityp1:The isotope effect in the FT-2 tokamak
85Mr. Andrea PezzoliItalianPolitecnico di Milanop1:Study of tungsten and tungsten compound coatings for magnetic fusion research: damage, hydrogen retention and permeation
86Mr. Leonardo PigattoItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Advanced tools for three-dimensional modeling and control of thermonuclear fusion devices
87Mr. Antonio PimazzoniItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Investigation of the parameters of a particle beam by numerical models and diagnostic calorimetry
88Mr. Javier Rodrigo Pinzon AcostaColombianTechnische Universität Münchenp2:Doppler Reflectometry
89Mr. Aleš PodolníkCzechCharles University / IPP Praguep1:Simulations of electric probes in magnetized plasma
90Mr. Luigi Antonio PoggiItalianUniversity of Rome Tor Vergatap1:Dust resuspension phenomena experiments and modeling in case of loss of vacuum accidents inside tokamaks
91Ms. Zana PopovicCroatianUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:ITER relevant disruption and runaway electron studies
92Mr. Marek PribulaSlovakComenius Universityp1:Study of H, D and N atoms on/in fusion relevant wall materials
93Mr. Martynas ProkopasLithuanianInstituto Superior Tecnicop2:ITER Control Simulator
94Mr. Jan ProkůpekCzechCzech Technical University / CV Rez Praguep2:Experimental Devices within SUSEN Project in CV Rez
95Ms. Catalina Quiros LaraCosta RicanUniversite Paris XIIIp1:Plasma wall interaction in the context of nuclear fusion
96Mr. Riccardo RagonaItalianGhent Universityp1:Ion Cyclotron Antennas for Fusion Devices
97Mr. Davide RigamontiItalianUniversity of Milano Bicoccap1:Main subject is about fusion plasma diagnostics, in particular gamma and neutron spectroscopy for a thermonuclear fusion reactor
98Mr. Giulio RubinoItalianUniversity of Padovap2:Power Exhaust data analysis and modeling of the EAST experiment in advanced divertor configuration
99Mr. David RyanBritishUniversity of Yorkp1:The Effect of Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Fields in Tokamaks
100Ms. Masa ScepanovicMontenegroUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp2:Effects of ion irradiation on oxide dispersion strengthened steels for fusion
101Mr. David SchwörerGermanDublin City Universityp1:BOUT++ Code
102Mr. Syed Ilyas Waseem ShahPakistaniInstituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugalp2:Experimental Study of Plasma Rotation During Tokamak Disruptions
103Mr. Gabriel SichardtGermanUniversität Stuttgartp1:Electron Cyclotron Emission Measurements at the Stellarator TJ-K
104Mr. Ondřej ŠílaCzechCzech Technical Universityp1:MCNP Calculations of Neutron Distribution at the GIT-12 Device
105Ms. Aoife SomersIrishDublin City Universityp2:Study of magnetized radio frequency sheaths using kinetic simulations
106Mr. Guillermo Suarez LopezSpanishLMU, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munichp1:Experimental investigation of ICRF wave field/SOL plasma interactions with RF and electrostatic probes
107Ms. Mária SuchoňováSlovakComenius Universityp1:Study of RF discharge enhancement for LIBS analyses of fusion-relevant wall materials
108Mr. Baojun SunChineseUniversidad Carlos III de Madridp1:Coherent electromagnetic activity in TJ-II palsmas
109Mrs. Judit SzalaiHungarianBudapest University Of Technology And Economicsp1:Thermo mechanical simulation for fusion power components
110Mr. Fred ThomasBritishUniversity of Yorkp2:Homogeneity in breeder blanket modelling
111Mr. Andrius TidikasLithuanianLithuanian Energy Institutep1:Neutron transport and radioactive processes analysis in nuclear fusion devices
112Ms. Mariia UsoltcevaRussianGhent Universityp2:Experimental studies of RF sheath rectification in magnetized plasmas using fast and slow ICRF antennas
113Mr. Laurent ValadeFrenchAix-Marseille Université , Jardin du Pharo , 58, bd Charles Livon , 13284 Marseille Cedex 07p2:Modelisation of the heat flux generated by electrons accelerated in front of lower-hybrid antennas in Tokamak
114Mr. Pablo Vallejos OlivaresSwedishKTH Royal Institure of Technologyp1:Theoretical fusion plasma physics
115Mr. Pranay ValsonIndianEindhoven University of Technology & Ghent Universityp1:Impurity transport in the W7X stellarator.
116Mr. Daan van VugtDutchEindhoven University of Technologyp1:Hybrid MHD-Particle Simulations of ELMs in ITER Divertor Conditions
117Ms. Branka VanovacBosnia and HerzegovinaEindhoven University of Technologyp1:3D ECEI studies of ELMs
118Mr. Pietro VincenziItalianUniversity of Padovao2:Interaction between neutral beam fast particles and plasma in fusion experiments
119Mr. Miloš VlainićSerbianGhent University / Czech Technical Universityp2:Potential of ECE Diagnostics for Runaway Electron Studies
120Mr. Petr VondráčekCzechCharles University / IPP Praguep2:Scrape-off layer heat flux profile measurement in the medium and long wavelength infrared on COMPASS
121Ms. Hannah WillettBritishUniversity of Yorkp2:Detachment and instability studies on the York Linear Plasma Device
122Mr. Bram WolfDutchEindhoven University of Technologyp1:Ion velocity measurements by LIF in IEC fusion reactor
123Mr. Vadim YanovskiyRussianUniversity of Padovap1:Disruptions in tokamaks
124Mr. Georgiy ZadvitskiyKazakhstanUniversité de Lorrainep1:Experimental and numerical study of turbulence in fusion plasmas using gyrokinetics codes data in reflectometry synthetic diagno
125Mr. Matteo ZaupaItalianUniversity of Padovap1:Thermo-hydraulic models and analyses for design optimization of cooling circuits and components of SPIDER and MITICA experiments
126Mr. Yangyang ZhangChineseUniversity of Padovap1:Three-dimensional Physics of Revised Field Pinch and Stellarator
127Mr. Wei ZhangChineseGhent Universityp1:Plasma edge modeling with ICRF coupling
128Mr. Menglong ZhaoChineseTechnical University of Munich/Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysikp2:Coupling of Kinetic Periphery Plasma Code to SOLPS
129Mr. Jie ZhengChineseGhent Universityp2:Thermal Stratification Investigation for The TOKAMAK Cooling Water System
130Mr. Mikhail ZibrovRussianGhent Universityp2:The effect of ion flux and radiation damage on deuterium retention in tungsten-based materials