Nov 15 – 18, 2015
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU Prague
Europe/Prague timezone
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Welcome game

Welcome game for Sunday afternoon

Prague - a stage for Science, History, Culture, and Entertainment.

Dear participants, we hope you will enjoy the get-together game.

Basic information:

  • There are outdoor and indoor "chambers" (activity locations and rooms) located at the FUSENET PhD event venue (Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, Břehová 7, Prague 1)  and in its vicinity.
  • Teams try to complete various problems in these chambers. Problems range from riddles and quizes to fascinating physics experiments and historic locations.
  • There are two treasures to be conquered. The first one is accessible during the game after the solving a riddle which leads to a password, the second one is available after the game to the groups with the highest score. Both treasures contain prizes for a lot of groups. First groups receive the most attractive prizes according to their choice.
  • After completing a chamber teams receive a clue to the first treasure password and points for the second treasure.


  • Teams are formed by 4 to 6 students. Teams should be formed by participants from different home institutions. You are welcome to create the teams in advance via e.g.  Facebook event. If you have formed the team in advance, please arrive to the registration in a group of at least three team members. The rest can join you during the game.
  • Participants coming late (after 15:30) can join any group in any state of the game,  keeping the rule of max. 6 persons per group being  preferably from different institutions.
  • There can be only one group in a chamber at any time. Except Outdoor Selfies.
  • The game starts at 14:00@Hotel Ibis or 14:30@The venue (Faculty in Břehová) and ends at 18:15.  From 18:00 chambers are closed for entrance and opened only for completition. Outdoor chambers are closed at 17:45.

Start locations (two options):

  • 14:00 at the Ibis hotel (Miloš Vlainić will be at the reception desk to help you): create a Welcome game group and then go to the event venue Faculty in Břehová and register for the PhD event. You can begin the "selfie" part of the game during the walk to the venue.
  • 14:30 at the PhD event venue Faculty in Břehová (Katka Jiráková will be at the registration desk to help you): register for the PhD event, create a Welcome game group and then start conquering chambers.

End location

  • 18:30 at the Final "chamber" Atrium where the Welcome party starts.

Indoor chambers (Map with vacancy indication)

  • First mandatory "chamber" to complete asap - registration for the PhD event and the Welcome game (you will need to create a group of 4-6 participants and its name and slogan).
  • Second chamber to complete is the Tesla chamber near the registration desk.
  • ... advancement to other chambers is a question of your choice and their availability.

Outdoor chambers (Map)

  • There is possibility /at your own risk/ of using 2 sets of bikes, a teambike and scooters to complete the outdoor chambers. Of course it is possible to access these chambers on foot as well. All sets are equipped with guides. The scooter set is dedicated to the Letna chamber.
  • There is a Selfie "chamber" with 13 people/monuments worth to have a selfie with (i.e. group photo with a person/monument). Every selfie is awarded (at the Selfie indoor office) with one clue and points. It is not necessary to have a complete set of 13 selfies. It is mandatory to upload selfie photos at the page to be awarded. Use PhD event WiFi.
  • Chamber guards for Astronomical clocks and Astronomical Tower are situated in the vicinity of these historic locations and are equipped with ITER umbrellas.
  • Selfie "Metronom" is reccomended to combine with chamber "Letna monument". There is a chamber guard in charge to help you.

Practical info

  • The Venue - Faculty in Břehová
  • Wi-Fi: eduroam and wififjfi hot-spots are availbale at the event venue Faculty in Břehová. Login information will be available at the start locations.
  • On the way from the Ibis hotel to the event venue Faculty in Břehová you can complete some outdoor selfies. Recommended paths:
    • (4 selfies) Lovely way is to go through the Prague center (~16 min), see the map by Jan Mlynář. Notice that on the 3rd page of this map, there are some comments and, importantly, several questions. We believe it is not too difficult to find the answers online in advance... having the right answers would help you in the game at the Astronomical tower chamber.
    • (6 selfies) Head southwest on Na Poříčí toward Palladium, 168 m; Slight right onto nám. Republiky, 59 m; Sharp left to stay on nám. Republiky, 33 m;Turn right onto U Obecního domu,116 m;Turn right onto U Prašné brány,10 m;Turn left onto Králodvorská,40 m; Turn left to stay on Králodvorská,69 m;Turn right onto Celetná, SELFIE WITH BERNARD BOLZANO, ~160m SELFIE WITH MARILYN MONROE, ~ 160 m;Turn right onto Staroměstské nám.,(SELFIE WITH ALBERT EINSTEIN) 108 m;(SELFIE WITH JAN HUS) Turn left to stay on Staroměstské nám.,73 m;Turn right onto Pařížská,11 m;Turn left onto Staroměstské nám.,42 m;Continue onto Nám. Franze Kafky, (SELFIE WITH FRANZ KAFKA) 44 m;Turn right onto Kaprova,15 m;Slight left to stay on Kaprova,111 m;Turn right onto Žatecká,89 m;Turn left onto Široká,135 m;Turn right onto 17. listopadu,(SELFIE WITH JAN PALACH) 190 m;Turn left onto Faculty in Břehová,38 m;The PhD venue
  • In case you cannot come earlier, we advise you to come from the airport directly to the opening of the event. You can also check into the hotel later after the Sunday programme. From the airport you can take the bus number 119, a line connecting the Prague airport with the metro station Nádraží Veleslavín (line A – green). Then continue to the station Staroměstská (line A - green) and then it is 350 m walk to the PhD venue Faculty in Břehová. The whole ride from the airport could take about 45 minutes. A cloak room will be available at the venue to store your belongings during the Sunday programme.
  • In case of bad weather conditions outdoor chambers are cancelled and substitutes will be opened at the event venue. To get to the venue Faculty in Břehová from the hotel, take the bus number 207 from the station Náměstí Republiky (1-minute walk from the hotel) Hotel Ibis -> Náměstí Republiky bus stop (bus number 207) to the station Právnická fakulta. From this station it is a 2-minute walk to the faculty building. Právnická fakulta -> faculty building on Google Maps .
  • It could be really helpfull to study info pages to individual chambers in advance, available as links here.
  • No need to hurry. Enjoy the game.

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Vojtěch Svoboda

on behalf of the organizing team


Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask .